Shenkar's internship program, 

For startups and companies.

Why Shenkar?

Being a school of engineering, design, and art, the environment which the school provides is quite unique.  


Due to the intimate nature of the campus, opportunities are available in which the students from each faculty can coordinate with one another to create projects that combine these worlds into one whole project.  


Therefore, the students are exposed to different ideas and methods, as they employ critical thinking at its finest.


The company will gain a motivated intern who will assist in projects and assignments which require additional attention.

The interns will contribute a fresh and new point-of-view which may result in innovative ideas for the company or improve existing processes.

Examining potential future employees – the relationship between the company and the intern may lead to an opportunity of future employment for the intern, who will already have gained experience prior to employment, at no cost to the company itself.

The program will benefit the mentor and other employees of the company, and empower them, as they will be required to demonstrate and refine their mentoring, guiding, and managing abilities while working with the intern.

By partnering with the program, the company will be given an opportunity to promote itself among the student body, at large.

Contributing students will create a positive image for the company as whole – a satisfied intern will be an ambassador of good-will and a future ally.