Jam Week at Shenkar 


Jam week is a 4-day event entirely devoted to collaboration on projects between students from the design and engineering faculties at Shenkar.


We invite teachers, students, artists, graduates, entrepreneurs, and practitioners to participate in four days of multi-disciplinary, human, and entrepreneurial education.


During this week, the students are divided into groups of 30, taking the form of seminars/workshops/Hackathons/Makeathon. 


As part of Jam week activities, we want to "break the boundaries" of Shenkar and expand our experience in working within new frameworks, together with the cooperation of companies from the industry.




Jam Week February 2019

This year Jam week's theme will be "Access+Ability".

At Shenkar, we believe that education for design, engineering and art is based on education for action on behalf of the other.


Access or accessibility is a broad and essential field of creation in our shared life in Israel. Physical, social, linguistic-verbal-auditory ,cultural and technological accessibility.


Want to take part in this unique experience?