Ladies, get coding!



Programming skills are a well known advantage in obtaining interesting and rewarding job positions, and therefore open new possibilities for those who are experienced coders.


In our era, the amount of job positions that require coding skills are growing rapidly, leading to the clear understanding that such knowledge is a very big advantage for young people joining the workforce.


Due to those growing needs in skilled programmers, SheCodes; was established. The SheCodes; community operates within all major universities in Israel and at Google Campus TLV as well.


The SheCodes; hack nights take place on a weekly basis, at Shenkar College of Engineering & Design, in Ramat Gan. Those weekly sessions provide a platform in which students from all fields are invited to learn coding and software development according to their interests.

The community aims to increase the number of women in the hi-tech industry, given the fact that currently women in tech are considered a minority, since they consist only 30% of the Israeli hi-tech scene and less than 10% of Israeli entrepreneurs.

In our community we have women who are highly experienced programmers, we have women with little experience and we have women with no experience whatsoever. A lot of women started learning coding thanks to SheCodes; and when they first started, they had no experience at all.

If you are a software engineering student, you can use those sessions in order to enhance your coding skills and experience in teaching as well, and if you are a student with no technological knowledge, you can use the sessions to learn how to code and acquire practical skills that will assist your career and broaden your options.